This is our story of Linus, a golden doodle, who just turned 6 years old and came back from his first vacation in Wyoming. 

We noted an unusual cough and took him to our local vet, at the Animal Clinic of Elkhorn. It was at this time he was placed in the care of Dr. Jonathan Tarp, D.V. M. After x-rays of Linus were taken, Dr. Jonathan diagnosed him with a ruptured bulla in his right lung. This situation needed immediate attention and he referred us to the Waukesha Emergency Care Center.  

Linus underwent thoracic surgery for a spontaneous pneumothorax resulting from a ruptured bulla in his lung. The surgery was successful, but recovery was difficult. Following the surgery, he was on a lot of medications for pain and infection, which contributed to a lack of appetite. During that time the incision site was unable to heal properly and he developed a pressure necrosis (dead tissue) which eventually needed to be debrided. High temps were also present, due to the infection. 

Now his incision site was a large open wound on his chest. After spending 10 days in the emergency hospital and losing hope of his recovery, we decided to bring Linus home. Linus still needed continued care, dealing with a large open wound on his chest and his lack of appetite. 

It is here that we started our journey with Dr. Jonathan and his wonderful staff. He knew that we went through a traumatic experience. Linus was treated with nurturing care just like a family member (which he was!) by Dr. Jonathan and all his staff, which gave us hope and encouragement for a successful recovery.  

The large open wound on his chest was quite a challenge, but Dr. Jonathan and his staff worked with us on solutions to economically treat Linus. He needed frequent visits and they worked with our personal schedules to always fit him in and were always there to answer any questions we had. 

The chest area, being a difficult area to treat and keep dressings in place, Dr. Jonathan recommended the Ever-calm shirt to keep his dressings intact. What a great idea this was! Linus just loved his shirt.  

Through this experience with Linus, Dr. Jonathan and his staff saved our dog and helped us to keep our expenses down. What a joy and blessing it is to have Linus back with a full recovery. They did such a wonderful job and we appreciate all the care that the Animal Clinic of Elkhorn has given us. We highly recommend them to all dog lovers to take care of your loved one. 

Doug, Joanne, Linus & Cosmo Rehard 

Dec. 8, 2017

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